onsdag 28. desember 2011


I went fabric shopping in Bangkok two yeas ago, at Phahurat market in Little India/Sampeng Lane. I've turned most of the goods into tote-bags and other things I've sold at markets since then.

I had three metres left of a beautiful peacock print, both in green and red, and I have been trying to figure what to turn it into.

The green print in the picture above is another kimono jacket that I bought here in Bergen actually. I use it alot and figured I'd make another one just like it with my lovely Bangkok fabrics.

I traced the jacket onto paper and cut out new pieces from the peacock print.

I got this cupcake pin cushion ring from my friend at Christmas, it works perfectly! I thought it would be annoying being stuck to my hand, but it makes working much easier.

I started the whole thing around 12 the same day, and it didn't take long actually, I guess about three hours or something. I've cut the fabric that will go in the front, and I'm estimating finishing it up will take me about two hours tomorrow. Not bad for a first timer trying to make a jacket:)

A bit of flaky nailpolish to complete the look;)

I'm going to finish it up tomorrow, can't wait to wear it:)

tirsdag 27. desember 2011


.....See you next year:)

Just wanted to post some more Christmas pictures, the first one out here is winter sky at Os outside Bergen.

Christmas eve at my parents' house with my sister, aunt and uncle and my cousins. My mum love setting fancy tables. Me too:)

And since we are such traditionalists; I wore a kimono jacket. I have a national costume (three in fact) but experience tells me that it's too hot and uncomfortable on Christmas Eve. I got the umbrella the same night as a gift from a friend of mine, perfect match! We did have a visit from Santa, but those pics are on my dad's camera which I borrowed since he was gone when Santa came;)

The next day I spent time with my presents;) This is a robo-tea infuser that I got from a friend of mine that always get me spot on.

Something tells me my interests lay in the open, because I got a 4 storey baking tray and a decorator kit, hehe.

And wooly things that doesn't itch! I love wooly things, specially the silk woven ones. I panic from itchy wool. Some of the more observant readers might question the baby cap, it's just my mum being desperate for grand-children and wants me to get started, by giving me subtle hints like this one;)

Haha, and I got a device to make square eggs:D Things I didn't know I wanted:D

In the middle of the picture above is the best present EVER:D My boyfriend got me a wand! Hahahahahaaaaaa! It controls my tv! It's a remote control for anything with infa red! Imagine doing presentations with it haha:D It has 13 different commands or movements you have to "teach" it. For now I'm only using it for the volume, channels, pause and on/off on the decoder and tv, but I'm going to hook it up to the stereo in my kitchen as well.

From three remotes to one SUPERB one that lets you pretend you are a wizard. I keep jumping around the living room waving the wand and switching things on and off:)

Now I want to watch Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

fredag 23. desember 2011


Today is Christmas Eve, and all presents are nicely wrapped with homemade gift tags. And I'm even going to church! Haven't done that in a while, my family aren't exactly pious, and I'm not a member of the state church anymore. But I'm all up for new things:)

I quite like tags that fit the person I'm giving the present to, so I transformed my "Rockabilly Memo" I made for a rockabilly party we had, into gift tags.

Nora Brockstedt is my mum's favorite. This album cover got voted the 6th ugliest Norwegian abum cover ever or something. Beats me. I can think of a few others that would be better canditates.

My dad did look a bit like Elvis in his youth, he'll love his tag;)

Now me and my sister are going to watch Cinderella and eat porridge.

Have a beautiful Christmas Eve my lovelies:)


I've drawn six illustrations for a magazine that went to the printers today:) The theme was New Year Resolutions.

I only got the synopsis, I haven't read the finished articles, but I guess they'll turn out quite ironic;)

I started my Christmas vacation today, but that won't keep me from drawing. So now I'm going to sketch away on an idea I have for my personal christmas/new year greeting card while eating ginger bread cookies. And not have resolutions about working out more, or eat more leek like on the drawing above.

When can I smash my pink flamingo ginger bread house by the way? Is it tomorrow?

Have a great evening:)

tirsdag 20. desember 2011



Today I’ve been working on this drawing for a client of mine who loves his Vespas, and it’s deadline for a few illustrations for a magazine about new year resolutions. So I’ll probably stay late today as well. Been alot of that lately! But I’m saving money for a trip to Vietnam for me and my boyfriend in spring, so throwing in extra hours is fine when the goal is as shimmering as that:) I don’t think I would have minded anyway, I’m so fortunate that I love what I do, but still it’s important to leave work and go home. 

Now back to completing drawings for new year resolutions, quite ironic ones;) I don’t think I personally have any, but maybe I’ll get inspired by the ones in the article.

torsdag 15. desember 2011


Swearing is part of my language, and since most of our friends have kids, I've had to come up with words that won't damage their fragile minds.

So me and my boyfriend came up with this; a booklet on alternative swearing that is based on phonethics. It has been quite a hit this winter, and sales peaked this weekend, supposedly many people like us need to let some steam out sometimes;)

There were five copies left in Unique Design in Åsane this morning, and from epla.no I make new ones when orders come in. I haven't had time to stock up for tomorrow's market in Øyrane, but I can take orders there to be delivered next week:)


mandag 12. desember 2011


This weekend the market at Schødtstuene went really well, lots of lovely customers laughing and adopting monsters:)

One of my customers this weekend were seamstress Frk Bustad who makes the most lovely dresses and blogs about it here. We have quite a few things in common, like love for the Sweetheart Neckline and this print underneath;)

We have a few ideas together for my illustrations printed on fabric, that at some point will be turned into her dresses. My biggest wish then is to order cherry drawings on fabric from Spoonflower and make the dress I've drawn here, only with a sweetheart neckline:)

This week is not as booked as last week and the next, so I'll have time to finish up some work for clients that don't have a set deadline. Can't wait to start working with this:)


torsdag 8. desember 2011

STORIES (in Norwegian)

Jeg ble spurt av Line Katrine Moe om å skrive en liten setning på en vandrehistorie. Moro! Jeg likte idéen siden jeg elsket adjektivhistorier og "en setning hver" improvisasjonshistorier da jeg var liten. Så jeg sendte avgårde det første jeg kom på.

Mer om vandrehistorien her

Dette er historien så langt:

(Steffens Pappablogg)
"Da hoggormen Gorm ble født ved E6 retning Trondheim sprellet han slik hoggormer stort sett gjør når de blir født. Gorm var en fin og livlig hoggorm, men som ekstremt overbitt var han ikke som alle de andre. Han måtte åle seg med hodet høyt hevet for at hoggtennene ikke skulle sette seg fast i bakken. Om det skjedde stupte han kråke, og i noen små sekunder kunne han ikke lenger vite hvilken retning Trondheim lå. Andre hoggormer, de som ikke kjente Gorm, trodde han var overlegen og gikk med nesa i sky, men Gorm var bare en høflig og omtenksom overbitt orm.

En stille og solrik høstdag blant blåbærlyng og kantarell fant Gorm ut at han kunne invitere noen hjem til ormebolet sitt på høstfest! På den måten kunne han kanskje få seg noen venner. Han lurte på hva han skulle servere. Gorm er som dere allerede vet en hoggorm, og hoggormer har ikke tilgang på alskens deilige oppskrifter som ligger på internett. Men Gorm visste råd, han kikket rundt seg og så både kantareller og bær, det måtte selvfølgelig bli en soppsuppe, og noen bær til dessert.
Gorm satte i gang med å plukke sopp. En hoggorm har ingen armer, og kan derfor ikke bære en kurv. Men Gorm var heldigvis utrustet med et ekstemt overbitt og lange flotte tenner. Da han hadde plukket tennene fulle hørte han noen som kremtet bak ham.."

Det var den gjeve Grev Løvenrev, som satt og spikket på en stokk.
Hva skal du med alle de delikatessene, ville Grev løvenrev vite.
–Jo, jeg tenkte jeg schkulle invitere noen på middag, men nå er jeg litt uchsikker på hvordan jeg skal få det til alene, sa Gorm litt sjenert.
–Nu har det seg slik at jeg sitter ikke her og spikker forgjeves. Jeg skal nemlig fyre opp et bål så jeg kan teste den nye wok-panna mi. Det var skikkelig hot med wok på midten av nittitallet skjønner du, men jeg har ikke hatt anledning til å teste den før nu.
–Oi, schå sScHhpennende sa Gorm. Spytt og klissete sikkel frådet ut av huggormmunnen hans. Det var ikke lett å snakke med så mye mat i huggtennene.
Grev løvenrev forsto at Gorm trengte tannpirker...»

(Line Katrine Moe)
“..., eller snarere en tanngaffel, og tok straks til å spikke. Gorm selv syntes det hørtes spennende ut med wok og lente seg over pannen i påvente av hjelp. Så, mens reven gjorde klar tanngaffelen, var det det skjedde. Et blad fra blåbærene kilte Gorm i nesen…”

(Gunvor R).....og han nøs så kraftig at Grev Løvenrev ble beskutt med blåbær, bringebær, lyng og kantareller, han nesten så ut som et kratt der han stod. Da Gorm fikk summet seg så han opp på Løvenrev og lurte på hva som kom til å skje nå, for Grev Løvenrev kom fra et kondisjonert hjem og likte sikkert ikke å bli nyst på.

Nå skal jeg prøve å finne noen andre som kan skrive en setning eller to til, med mindre noen melder seg som har lyst å ta stafettpinnen videre:)

Egentlig er det helt koko å ta på seg nye ting siden vi er midt i julejobbings, men siden jeg kom på noe med en gang var det bare gøy.

Nå er jeg hjemme etter 12 timer på kontoret: Har hatt visitt og pratet med gøye kunder, levert varer, pakket varer, nummerert trykk, laget leveringslister, sendt Trøystebokategninger til en avis, kuttet papp til pakking, gått gjennom tegninger og skåret dem til, gjort klar presentasjonsmapper, vært i banken, vært på posten med eplabestillinger, printet fanziner og satt dem sammen, gått gjennom kvitteringer (og litt regnskap-light), begynt å rydde ut av lager, tatt bilder, spist kinamat foran dataen med Katapult Media og sett på intervju med John Lasseter, gått gjennom work in progress-boksen, jobbet med framdriftsplan, og sånn og sånn og sånn.

De usynlige tingene rundt å være kreativ selvstendig næringsdrivende.

Tror mange kan kjenne seg igjen, hihi! Selv om det er artig å være på jobb var jeg litt som figuren over da jeg kom hjem isted;) Heldigvis er ikke 12 timers økter normalen for meg lengre:)

tirsdag 6. desember 2011


I keep forgetting to post the different printed jobs I do. It's because I don't want to post the drawing before it's in the print with the different publishers, and then I move on to other projects.

This sketch was made for the magazine Kamille a few weeks ago, and now the young lady is on glossy paper:)

You can still get the magazine, it's the december issue. The article is about how good it is for you to laugh, the most perfect task for me to illustrate:)

I don't tink my illustrations have ever been in glossy print, most newspapers and magazines I've worked with are eighter matte or a not-so-glossy coating. But I like it! Made the ladies a little more glam;)

I have a desk at home as well as in my studio, and here is the magazine along with my dying plants. The white outside is the snow on the roof of our neighbours, all the houses where we live have sort of meltet together.

Now back to making fanzines. The next Christmas fair is in Schødtstuene at Bryggen, and I want to finish up some more fanzines before I pack up for the market.

I want packing elves. (Thanks for the idea, Cathrine:D) This packing up and down from my studio and carrying stuff up and down from the third floor is kiiiiind of getting tiresome. But not enough yet;) I'm still going to two more markets.

Maybe I'll see some of you this weekend?:)

mandag 5. desember 2011


Mmkay, I'm not actually under water, but drawing the Freezing Fishymonster from Friday's post sent me into a new round of deep sea fascination. (Saturday sales went better btw, and I bought a silver crown and gained a new friend, so it was definately worth it;)

Now I'm back from work and playing around with some new imagery, listening to Agnes Obel and drinking tea.

I love getting obsessed with a theme from time to time and really explore it. This guy underneath is actually for real. More about him here.

Since we're on the subject of underwater life, The Octonauts is a children's book I bought for my neighbour's son, and today he lent it back to me so I could read it. Heheheeeee. Read the front of the book the octupus is reading:D Guess the translator had loads of fun;) I think drugs are quite sad, but I do love little traces of personality and humour in children's books and films.)

Now me and my boyfriend are going watch The Blue Planet;)

fredag 2. desember 2011


Brrrrrrr! Market day in Øyrane was COLD! And wet. I drew this fish while I was there. I'm calling it "I'm Freezing To Death Becase This Tent Is Not Heated As Promised".

And sales were incredibly low! I think all the exhibitors were quite upset, we were 40 freezing sellers and no customers. But I got to know some of the others exhibitors there, and we tried to keep spirits up and laugh about he whole situation.

I feel quite sorry for the organizers, they will probably recieve quite a few emails with complaints this evening. Including fom me. But the prize for a day at this market is the highest this season, and the lowest in standard and customers.

But I was persuaded by the others to give it another shot tomorrow, even though I'm not sure I really want. I've been at so many markets over the last few years that I just don't bother and leave when there are no customers:) Better to ask for your money back and waste time on something useful.

BUT being said, I had a good time with the other sellers, and some good spirited customers cheering us long;) So I'll give it a try.

But my backdrop that I built Wednesday looked great! I'm so happy with it. It needs some more work to be solid enough to be stuffed into cars in a rush and be handled a bit, but it was made in a hurry to be ready on time. Pictures from construction here.

Hellooooo customers, where are youuu, come out, come out;)

Hopefully it will be warmer and more crowded tomorrow.

Now; Beer and Tom Waits. Only sensible way to spend an evening after being stuck in a wet tent for 11 hours;)

torsdag 1. desember 2011


The lovely girls over at Fin Mag have made a nice quiz from their different interviews, with a new calendar gift each day in Desember. Starting with one of my drunk ladies:) I was asked yesterday to participate, that's why I'm not posting the competition until it was almost too late. But I guess since it was all done in such a rush you can still try:)

Those of you who follow me on facebook know what mischief I was up to all of yesterday, and will excuse me for not posting this competition before now. Right??

I hope she comes to a good and playful home:)

mandag 28. november 2011


This weekend I was at market at Stend.

This is the first year since I started making the dishwasher gloves some years ago that they didn't sell well. I only sold three pairs during this market, haha! But I guess that's what happens when China starts to produce the same thing and becomes the competition;) (And the fact that I had many customers this year that bought from me last year.) Mine cost 200 nok, and you get them waaaaay cheaper (and way simpler) in stores now. No worries though, the overall sale during this market went better than last year:) yay!

My sister and my boyfriend helped me out, it's good to have good company as well.

I love mismatching red and pink.

The calendar from Baluba that I participated in was also sold out. And the Baby bedsheets, and all the fanzines I made. I didn't realize I sold that much, because sis was handling the money and I was talking to so many fun people that I wasn't sure who bought something or not. Some just came to have a chat:)

One customer really melted my heart, she told me sincerely that she enjoyed my drawings immensely and promoted my books to all her friends. I just wanted to give her a hug, but I didn't know if that would be wierd so I gave her a free gift tag instead;)

We were going to Enslaved's birthday party at Garage the same evening, so here is my boyfriend in the midst of all the pink lace not fitting in. (I think I prefer it like this;)

Next market is next weekend in Øyrane in Arna, and I'll be changing the look of the stand then. This time I went for pink and turquoise Ice Cream Parlour, but now I'm changing it to black and red candy store.

Today has been my day off, Monday is the new Sunday. I have been working 6/7 day weeks for some time even if I said I was going all A4, but it's so much fun when things are rolling along fine.

I'll be bicycling in Vietnam for three weeks in spring, I'll have time off then.

onsdag 23. november 2011


I want my marked stand to look a little more proper. The styling, labeling and pricing is always done in the last minute.

So I've decided I want my stand to look like a candy shop.

I put some of the products out on the floor and have tried all day to think new ways of displaying and presenting the goods. (It looks like a map of the world made in pink lace or something)

Labelling in place, now I need some kind of portable shelving that is light and doesn't cost me insane amounts of money or effort. The effort-part is difficult when you have little impulse control. Stop. And. Think. YES I'LL BUILD IT FROM PINK CLOUDS AND FAIRY DUST!:D:D Ok, maybe ponder it a while more. Yes.

mandag 21. november 2011


This weekend there is a Christmas Fair at Stend in Bergen. I'm going there to sell watercolor illustrations and wooly socks. Yep! Here is a small how-to on making "PIMP MY WOOLY SOCK";)

You get them photos printed on t-shirt prints, and get to work.

I used a white cotton fabric. You think they would look good as curtains?

Iron them beauties.

Wheeeee, Liberace on my curtains!

But I'm not making curtains. Snip, snip, and fasten with pins.

We're rigging on Friday, hope to see some fellow Epla-sellers there. The market is open from 11-17 Saturday and Sunday If I remember right.


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