mandag 25. juni 2012


I have copied all my old posts to my webpage: Gunvor R Illustration, and will continue writing my blog there:)

Yay! Come join me!

torsdag 21. juni 2012


Back at work, still floating on the vacation mood. Kept editing photos while (litterally) watching paint dry. Here are a few shots of lovely Mediterranean moments:)

Normally my vacations are quite action filled, or I combine work and travel. This time I did niether, that was a real luxurious feeling!

We borrowed an Olympus Mju Tough 3000 to photographunder water, and I am so in love with that camera. I miss my old Mju Mini that looked almost like a zippo lighter. It died from being used every day for about four years;)

The Mju's are great compacts, the colours come out crystal clar and soooo vivid! (These ones are tampered with slightly afterwards in one of the many photo apps I'm using.) The picture on top is taken with my Nikon D40 with Nikkor 1.8 50mm lens.

Now I'm working on drawings for schoolbooks with GAN Aschehoug.

Have a good day at work:)

fredag 15. juni 2012


I'm on vacation, see you next week:)

(The picture took us ages to get right, the bubbles didn't behave like we wanted them to. But it was SO worth it!) :D

mandag 4. juni 2012


It might seem that the champagne ladies are off to the printers:) Unless we get some more feedback on the invisble part of making books. Like the pictures underneath.

The designer has done a marvellous job, most of the tiny faults were mine. Like yellowing paper that wasn't removed because my screen was to bright to notice, and other stuff like that.

The front cover is looking gooooood! I'm so happy how this turned out. Can't wait to show the final result! It lookes very much like the sketch on top here, only very much better and with the proper colors.

I hope I find the charger for my ipad soon, or I wont be able to get back to my normal frequecy of posting. It's been missing for over a week now. But I have dragged cables and computers all over the place for the last two weeks, so it's actually amazing that nothing else is missing.

Writing directly in Blogger has been years, I need my apps. In the meantime, I have been posting regularly at my facebookpage, so maybe you have been keeping in touch there:)

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