mandag 30. april 2012


I bought a confetti cannon today:)

This was because I have planned something for the front cover of The Book of Chamapgne.

Getting ready to be shot at with confetti.

I'm enjoying myself immensely here!

My plan is to have an "in action" photo of my hands drawing the champagne ladies for the front cover of the book. This is the sketch for the idea:)

Behind the scenes;)

"Post Confetti Moment"

søndag 29. april 2012


Saturday I drew monsters at a shop in Lille Øvregate here in Bergen.

I was there for three hours, and one of the ladies queing for drawings was really patient and waited for her turn a loooong time. Hugs for her!

Thanks to everyone that vsited! It was slightly overwhelming that some people queued one hour in advance! *BLUSH*

The shop owner at Leker & Mer took these photos, thanks!

fredag 27. april 2012


I'm short of staff for the moment, so my gallery won't be open this weekend.
Saying, the staff is just me, and my lack of ability to duplicate myself.

I'm going to stay at the office with my new equipment making books.

Perfect timing as usual, my computer died under the enormous weight of Bertha The Wonderful Machine. Three days before all drawings were to be delivered for Champagneboka. As it would. But no reason to panic, I'm now poor, but equipped with the machine power to lauch a minor rocket into space. That should be enough to run Bertha I would think.

torsdag 26. april 2012


I landed in Bergen again Monday evening, was so good to be homeSmilefjes

Tuesday evening I gave a speech at Design Jam at Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum.


It was about the work I’m doing with the book “Trollkrittet” for Festspillene in Bergen, and on nonsense litterature.


For the speech I made a short timelapse of me drawing, to see if I could use this technique on stage for “Trollkrittet”.

Line drawing fun

Wednesday evening I had a workshop with my editor on the “Champagne Ladies” book, to decide which spreads are final, and to come up with ideas for the cover.


Today I continued drawing the champage ladies at my office, and had a nice lunch with the newest member of our workspace; designer Annette Kristiansen. Welcome Annette!

Now I’m off to teach at Fana Kulturhus.

Have a wonderful eveningSmilefjes

lørdag 21. april 2012


The Open Day at my exhibition at Labre Huis went over all my expectations:)

Got to talk and meet so many nice people, and sold quite a few of my illustrations.

I even sold the big yellow robot from the poster and flyer I made. It's now reciding in a good Utrecht home:)

This is Elke that has been my good helper here. Him and Maike (that I'm staying with) have been such valuable support!

Tomorrow I'm hanging up a new exhibition at Coffe Company here.

What an amazing week:)


I found the lovliest café in Amsterdam today! The Darling in one of the Nine Streets.

It was a second hand shop, café, cupcake workshop, and redesign workspace:)

Wheeee, liked the high tea lamp:D

I loved the place:) Today I was properly on vacation.

My mind has been set on work the whole week, and now I finally managed to relax and just enjoy travelling:)

The last days here will be filled with exhibition work, looking forward to it now that I'm rejuvinated on coffee and cupcakes:):)

fredag 20. april 2012


Today I've been putting up posters and flyers in cafées, bars and shops for my exhibition's open day on Saturday. Quite a café marathon:D I've met so many nice people:)

This café that was the first I visited this morning, Bakkerswinkel in Plompentorengracht. The menues were partly hand drawn, and all typo was handmade on pricetags and labels. Me, and my friend Maike that I'm staying with, went there this morning to have breakfast, and I absolutely loved the place!

If you're ever in Utrecht you should go there and sit downstairs with the windows right on the canal.

For working I can recommend Coffee Company. It almost felt like a open space creative office, with people working on their laptops on the huge wooden table inside, incuding myself. With Agnes Obel on the speakers, and good coffee.

Tomorrow I'm having the open day at the exhibition space:)

mandag 16. april 2012


Today I bought frames for my exhibition.

The gallery space is inside Labre Huis, a monastery from the 60's that now is a kind of apartment-studio-space for lots of people of the creative persuation. It'll be up this week, and then we're planning an event on Saturday with a kind of open day:)

Actually we brought all the frames with us on our bikes. Didn't get a chance to photograph it because of all the hassle, that's why I chose this tranquil photo I took of someones else's bike later instead;)

The flyer for the exhibition is made on my iPad using Dropbox with all my scanned drawings in it, MoodBoard for placing images where I want them, and typo in FilterStorm. Pages didn't quite cut it for creative graphic design work, and I haven't tried the new PSTouch yet.

If anyone suddenly finds themselves in Utrecht on Saturday, you are more than welcome to drop by:)

søndag 15. april 2012


I am staying with a friend of mine in Utrecht, and right now I'm trying to finsh up my paintings that I brought to exhibit in an old monastery(!) here.

"The Ultimate Dance Battle" s running on the TV in the background, so while working I get some glimpses of contemporary dance moves. That might have affected this robot:)

lørdag 14. april 2012


Tomorrow I'm leaving for Utrecht with my watercolor robots:)

onsdag 11. april 2012


Sakristiet Café at Bryggen has a new owner and now me and her are planning to decorate her entrance with drawings:)

We have decided to group several pictures to put up on her door, and change the images from time to time.

This will be fun to work with:)

After this I did a video interview with Ingelin Røssland, and then off to photograph a pregnant friend of mine for my Good Lookin Mama project:)

Now I'm trying to puzzle together my schedule for the next few days, it will sure be busy before I leave to open my exhibition in Utrecht:)

tirsdag 10. april 2012


On Monday I'm opening my exhibition in Utrecht. Yay!

I have set the theme "Robots & Candy". Have no idea why:D I knew I wanted to draw huge robots, but the candy part was just suddenly there. So the other ones are also holding or eating or playing with different kinds of candy, ice cream and... bolts;) That would be a robot's candy wouldn't it?

Tomorrow the author of one of the stories for Trøysteboka, Ingelin Røssland, is coming to say hello at my gallery. She is video interviewing me for her blogposts about "The people behind the books". The posts and interviews are a good way to get to know the different processes around being an author, and much of it applies to all kinds of creative people I think.

I hope I won't babble and make a fool of myself;)

søndag 8. april 2012


My gallery has been open all easter, and today I'm having a day off to clean my house and and relax with a marathon of QI.

I had one client on Friday that was so enthusiastic about his buy, that he unfortunately didn't see where he was going and walked right into the doorframe. I felt so sorry for him! It must have hurt! Now I have a sign warning you about the low doorframe;)

I'm keeping the gallery at Bryggen open Monday as well, and then I'm starting new gallery times. I haven't been able to keep up with everything else, so I have to skip the Wednesdays and just stay open at weekends where I have the best sales.

This is because in June I have quite a few huge illustration deadlines around the same time, and suddenly I realized that June wasn't so far away:)

tirsdag 3. april 2012


In a few minutes I'm going to talk about my work at Kulturbakeriet in Storebø outside of Bergen. I'm so happy to be invited out here! Nice people, good food, sun and beer:)

Many of the other visitors at this café are indoors, I have NO idea why, this place is brilliant outside!

Ok, then getting back to work and figuring out what to focus on for this group of listeners. I think they want champagne-ladies. Yes, they do.

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