tirsdag 29. mai 2012

Wow. The last few days have been intense!

We rehearsed for Trollkrittet full days all of last week, while also tweaking the visuals, props and set design.

We worked with an external instructor some of the days, and that was very valuable help:)

Friday we kept polishing our product until five in the afternoon, and then we headed down to DNBScene for the initial run-through.

Saturday was our premiere:) I was very confident about our product, but still nervous. As I should be:)

The stage after almost everyone had left. The premiere was quite packed, so anyone going to see us on the coming Sunday should buy tickets in advance:) Just in case:)

We named this trailer the VIP lounge. The raider was three apples;) Glam:D

But the evening was a proper celebration.

A Eurovision/Premiere party:)

We had confetti cannons;) This picture is from the day after. I love the floor covered in confetti.

....and flamingoes in the jacuzzi.

Monday I worked with the champagne ladies with Annette the new designer, and jumped up and down at Dimmu Borgir in the evening. Continued work with the book today after doing another to shows of Trollkrittet.

Tomorrow morning it's another show, I'm quite liking being on stage by now:)

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