søndag 17. juli 2011


Saturday I participated at Made in Bergen’s “Chocolate Olympics”, where kids could come and play and attend different games and win chocolate medallions:) Made in Bergen is a shop at Holmedalsgården filled with quirky and fun designs from several of my former co-students at KHIB, worth a visit. I had a monster drawing course there where the kids left with many scary end products. Good fun.
The girl who made this told me it was a monster inside a monster with dots. The best title for a monster this time was “Screaming Ass Monster” that another kid drew, haha:D
1310813506909  1310813493499
I had a stall as well, although the monster drawing took most of my attention. I sold a few pictures and t-shirts, and met many talkative and great people that had a good laugh of some of the things I had written on my illustrations.

The fair was held at Holmedalsgården at Bryggen in Bergen, a cozy space that should be used more by the public. So calm and so central with some cute little shops surrounding it. Looking forward to the next fair here:)

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