onsdag 12. oktober 2011


The bedsheets with my drawings are now finished! They can be found at Epla.no.


The moon is one of my ink and watercolor drawings for “Godnattboka”, a book about going to sleepSmilefjes


My mum has been sewing since the launch of “Trøysteboka”, she says she doesn’t want pay so I’ll have to force her to accept something. I have already bought her a Spotify account and will be paying that for her so that she can listen to KaizersKatzenjammer, and Cabaret as much as she want, but I want to do something else nice as well. Hmmm. I’ll come up with something great.


The sheets are sewn with (linsøm) (anybody translate for me PLEASE, was difficult to find the right word) where the inside of the seams are folded double so they don’t get frayed. Beautiful, beautiful, work.


The cotton fabric was printed at Spoonflower, and I’m thrilled that the quality of the print is so high. We have washed a sample again and again at 60C, it still looks great. And their customer service is brilliant, I just have to say that again

It’s quite magical to see my drawings like this. On fabric. As a finished textile product. MMmmmmmmm!

The next design for bedsheets I’m making is with monsters, and it will be called…..”Monsters in Bed”, hahaaaaaSmilefjes med åpen munn

10 kommentarer:

  1. Familien på Sørlandet lurte på om det gikk an å bestille 2 sett i størrelsen 140x220 og puter på 50x70???
    Æ har så sinnsygt lyst på;o)

    Klem Cecilie

  2. Veldig fint!! Gleder meg også til monster sengetøyet- Det MÅ jo bli en klassiker!! :)

  3. Beautiful!

    Eg ventar også på stoff frå dei!


  4. Nydelig :)!

    Gleder meg til monsterene kommer,håper de kommer i voksen størrelse også!

  5. Gevinst, Gunvor! Dei er kjempefine! Eg trur linsaum kan bli omsett til french seams. I vanleg saum av klede blir det kalla franske saumar.

    Neste spørsmål er kor mykje du skal ha for å spesialteikna eit stoff til meg..? Eg har så mange planar...

  6. Hurra!! Så gøy for meg at dere liker det, no ble jeg glad:) Kommer også i voksen, skal bestille nytt stoff snart. Jippi:)

  7. Utrolig flott sengetøy og design! Liker stilen din.

  8. Takker Helene! French seams it is! Jeg synes vi skal kaffe oss litt og se på tekstildesign. Sakrestiet i neste uke? Gir deg en lyd på mail:)

  9. These are wonderful! I think those seams (linsøm) where it encases the elastic are called "French Seams"- that's what we call it when the seam allowance is encased, so maybe it would be that with elastic in it too?
    Love your work, well done!

  10. Lovely! I think another term for the seams (linsøm) is "flat felled" seam. You drawings are awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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