tirsdag 27. september 2011


Juhu bloggfolk:)

På onsdag 28. sept ( i morgen) kl 20 på Designbryggeriet (kontoret mitt) skal jeg ha boklansering av Trøysteboka jeg har illustrert for Skald Forlag. Helga Gunerius Eriksen skal lese historien hun har skrevet til boken, og jeg skal fortelle kort om hvordan jobben med illustrasjonene tok form. Det blir heimespøta muffins, ost og kjeks og godt i glasset. Gi meg en lyd på post(at)gunvor.no om du har lyst å være med og feire ny bok, hadde vært kjekt å hilse på noen av dere som er innom og leser her:)


Når: Kl 20 Onsdag 28. sept
Hvor: Desigbryggeriet, Bredsgården, Bryggen, 3 etg.
Info om lansering: http://www.gunvor.no/books.html


mandag 26. september 2011


Yes!! I ordered fabrics with my illustrations from Spoonflower, and it arrived today!

I never thought it would arrive in time for me to make something from it before the launch of Trøysteboka on Wednesday, but it did!

It felt like ChristmasSmilefjes med åpen munn The plan is to make baby duvet’s and pillowcases from it.

Now my neighbour is testing a sample being washed millions of times, she has two kids and run a washing machine at a higher frequency than meSmilefjes som blunker

Can’t wait to start working with it!

I love Spoonflower, they had really good customer support as well, they wouldn’t let me buy the huge amount I did before they had sent me a sample that I could approve hahaSmilefjes Felt like I was being lightly told off by a mum or something. “Now look here, what if you arent happy with it? Then you would have spent all that money for nothing.” They didn’t say that of course, but it was good they told me to get a sample first, because what if it went somewhat wrong and it was my fault. I felt my fabric ideas were in good hands, and I appreciated their quick response and care for their own productsSmilefjes som blunker

søndag 25. september 2011



I bought this font today, from now I’ll probably use it for EVERYTHING, I like it so muchSmilefjes

I needed a grotesque with a hand drawn feel to it, and after the workshop we had where we chose this font to work with my illustrations on another project, I’m quite happy too use it on my page as well.


It’s been quite the working weekend for me, I woke up with badass sinusitis and slept most of Friday after the workshop on Thursday and #geekbeer afterwards. Slept and woke up to email back and forth with the printing house and slept again and lost loads of time that I was supposed to spend on an illustration for University of Bergen so that it could be delivered before the wekend. I have until Tuesday, but I wanted to finish it and have a proper relaxed weekend filled with beers.

But instead I called everything off and ended up working with TeamViewer from home on my computer at work, and then accidentally someone shut it off thinking I had just forgot, so the last pdf wasn’t yet in my Dropbox for the printing house to pick up before they left work on Friday. Then I just went to bed again and slept foreverSmilefjes med åpen munn 

I still don’t know if they have recieved the files, guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning. Actually I’m quite surprised that I’m not more stressed out, but I guess since I actually “had time” to get ill without anything going to pieces (just my social life this weekend) I guess it’s not so bad. My plan to have weekends off is apparently working. In a strange way. They become a buffer zone in case shit blows upSmilefjes som blunker 

Then today I felt better and started working simultaniously with finishing up the illustration as well as redoing my neglected webpage.

Sometimes I wish I was allowed to be ill and someone else could take over, but I guess it’s like that whatever job you have.


But I loved the fact that I finally, FINALLY, managed to make a webdesign that I don’t loathe and that can be a starting point for the new webpage that I’m doing with a proper programmer. What I’m doing now is like building a castle with pebbles, since I don’t want a program to generate code for me. I have no chance to fix up bugs if I don’t build he thing from scratch. But I’m happy, feels like a major accomplishment that I got this far this weekend.

Is there any chance you can get high from nasal spray? I think I am.

fredag 23. september 2011


If you want a sneak peek at a book I have illustrated that is being published next week, go hereSmilefjes som blunker

I don’t have my wonderful phone, which means no pictures from work in progress or from the exciting workshop I participed in yesterday, but it will soon be remedied.

Trøysteboka is launched next Wednesday at Bryggen if you feel to join us! Yes! We have wine and cupcakes, one of the authors will read from the book, and I’ll talk a bit about the whole process with the illustrations. Not too much talk, it’s not a lecture, but the publishing house said they thought it might be interesting to shareSmilefjes I hope so! I’ll post the invitation as soon as I get it.

tirsdag 20. september 2011


And now it’s dead. Today I made wooly socks inspired by Liberace, and documented the whole ordeal, and then my phone (with which I took the pictures) went forth and died. Then the nice man at the mobile repair shop said I just lost everything on my phone. Daaaaah. But since I sort of saw this coming, I had removed most of the stuff from it. So, instead of enjoying a how-to-make-wooly-socks-inspired-by-Liberace (hey, who would’t!) I’m posting some goodies me and my sister made this Sunday.

For my birthday my mother in law got me a cupcake recipe book from Hancock Cupcakes.

I would really recommend that one to all who meddle with cupcake alchemy. It’s beautifully designed as well.

We made lactose free cocoa and berries cupcakes just to see if the recipe was any good, and it was! Not rubber-like like most other lactose free recipes. And then, since we are not lactose intolerant and  just wanted to test the recipe in case we have to serve it at some point, we sprayed hem with butter and philadelphia icing. Tadaa! ^_^

mandag 19. september 2011


This Saturday some friends and me went to Hanne Vatnøy’s releaseconcert at Logen in Bergen. Astrid Aalgaard here at the office has made the concert’s backdrop and visuals, it was a truly beautiful experience!

The stageshow was very different from “normal” concerts, felt more like a staged show at the theatre, with them rethinking the use of the stage and audience. They were all dressed like white clowns of some sort and, had an actor placed in a pink rococo chair on a pedestal in the audience blowing huge soap bubbles, BRILLIANT!!

I was surprised by the whole sound of the group even if I had heard her before at different gatherings and shows, this was quite a different concert experience. Recommend to see them live if you get a chance to it.

A friend of mine commented she thought it was so pure! I thought the group had quite a mature sound but still managed the audience to feel like 16 year olds in love.

This is a quote from one of the songs, thought it was so cute:)

søndag 18. september 2011


My boyfriend picked it up at the post office just before dinner, so my sister had to prepare her Italian cooking by herselfSmilefjes som blunker

Got a brown package and couldn’t think of what it could be, until I vaguely recognzed the size and froze completely.

Whaaaaaaa!! It so strange to finally see my drawings on paper! It’s the third book I’m lllustrating for Skald Forlag, it gets more magical each time.

Dinner tasted brilliant, sorry I wasn’t more help in the kitchenSmilefjes som blunker  Made the bruschetta though! Wheeeee!

fredag 16. september 2011


This picture that I took today and the song below resulted in the drawing at the bottom:)


The picture is for sale at my webshop, and if you buy it and type in “CUPCAKES GALORE” with the message to seller you get a free Cupcake Recipe print worth NOK 120,-, just because it’s sunny:)

torsdag 15. september 2011



This is an illustration I made for this month’s issue of the magazine Barn i Byen, and the idea belongs to it’s editor. We will be doing this kind of collaborative projects in the next few issues as well, yay!

onsdag 14. september 2011


Last week we went to a talk that I….. was a bit bored with after a few minutes. Plainly I thought the speaker was a tit.

The sketches I did during the talk is pictured underneath.

Here are the first two drawings from the sketches. Not completely finished, but you get the idea;)

Conclusion: I’ll definitely go to more talks! There is bound to be some inspiring speakers out there, and if not, this was brilliant inspiration!

tirsdag 13. september 2011



Carbonmade is a web portfolio that is very easy to use, so while me and my webwizard are planning my new and amazing website I’m supplying it with this one.

I’m still waiting to get all the pictures from different people from our clown party this weekend, but here is a peek what it looked like afterwardsSmilefjes som blunker


mandag 12. september 2011



Last Saturday I held a monster drawing course at Bryggen.

This is my nephew drawing dinosaur-monsters with my mother in law cheering him onSmilefjes som blunker

Quite a few kids came to draw monsters during the day, I specially liked this one underneath.

Looked like the toilet monsters from X-Files. If you remember that one.

To draw evil princess-monsters was quite popular, the girl in the middle was actually dressed as a princess. She doesn’t know how lucky she is, when you’re grown up you get funny looks if you try to pass off as a princessSmilefjes som blunker



I loved the expression on this oneSmilefjes med åpen munn

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