onsdag 18. januar 2012


.....amongst other things.

I want a gnome to assist me in all the invisible tings alongside my job, so that just creating doesn't remain a luxury like it is now. Today I forced in half an hour with just creating. No paid task, just work with colour to see what happens. This way I can discover and develop and not get stuck.

So her hair in this picture is the result of that half hour, and then later all "invisible" (I won't call it boring because it isn't) work was done alot quicker because I wasn't moping around about not being able to just DO.

Yay to remember to just be creative:)

tirsdag 17. januar 2012


This was something I didn't know I was going to participate in until last week, and now my work is already being printed and exhibited!

Photographer Hanne Cathrin Olsen runs a new art department at Allkopi in Bergen that opens Thursday this week. She sent me this peek at my printed illustrations today, they will be sold there alongside her and other brilliant artists' work.

Some of Cathrine's portraits are amazingly playful and full of life, with confetti and high hair all over, no wonder I like them. I love that my work is displayed alongside that much energy!

If you follow me on twitter you might have read about my praise of Turner 300gr watercolour paper used on the Epson printer there. I was stunned by the colours and quality of the reproduction I got! Looking forward to go over there and have a look at all the finished prints.

I'll have more information about the exhibited work tomorrow, this whole thing happened so quickly I haven't had time to promote anything yet:)

mandag 16. januar 2012


I sometimes test out different colours for backgrounds and characters in PS before I finish them up. Usually this makes choises of colour bolder if I’m not coragues enough colour-wize that day. And I spend less time trying to decide, which sometimes can be a hassle.


I drew the figures out last week, and spent too much time Friday deciding colours. So today things went much quicker after testing it out, and I ended up choosing none of the colours I first thought of;) So now the cover illustration I’m working on will be a pastel haven that will make the characters pop out more, compared to a less bold Paynes Gray gradient that I first thought of.

Back to the drawing board:)

fredag 13. januar 2012



About a year ago I discovered the sound of Gabby Young And Other Animals, and have listened quite alot to them, but completely neglected to check out their videos. Today this video inspired me to draw the picture above. (I’ll colour it in in bright and mismatching colours later;)

I’m loving it! I use music as inspiration all the time for when I draw, and this gave me lots of visual input as well. No wonder I like this video, it is packed with all the aesthetics I enjoy:D Maybe I should start playing the accordion.

torsdag 12. januar 2012


These are sketches for a magazine cover that I’m finishing up today.

The theme is “Writing”. My concept is to show the development of writing tools up though the years, and convey a feeling of enthusiasm towards writing.

Here is the half-finished product, now I have to complete the inking, let it dry, and then later today and tomorrow colour it in.

Have a great day at work! I am, my head fortunately is back in place after a good night’s sleep:D

onsdag 11. januar 2012


In my job January is usually very quiet. But not this year! Yay! Only I was planning to take the first week off in 2012, after all the extra hours and no time off all December. But I’m so lucky that times are good:) The only problem is that I wasn’t quite ready to throw myself at new tasks just yet,  so I keep going to work with my head under my arm. (From too few hours sleep as well, cursed hailstorms hammering at my window at night.)
So this is me today:D I feel like a whale has parked on my head and is stopping me from being effective, hindering me juggling new tasks and completing old ones. But fear not! Coffee is at hand! (And my proper vacation is not far away:)

Now back to working with illustrastions for Nynorsksenteret and Elixir:)

lørdag 7. januar 2012


A friend of mine had lots of old pictures and frames, and wanted to buy illustrations from me that might fit them. So I packed a portfolio with drawings and prins of different sizes, and held my very own Tupperwareparty at her house;)

We used quite a few hours, but it was great fun to see the whole thing coming together.

It was quite cool to see how well the drawings worked with the old black and whites she wanted to keep.

They will be hanging somewhat like this, with a myriad of different shapes and colors on the frames.

I'm looking forward to see the finished project up on the wall in her house:)

torsdag 5. januar 2012


This was a job I did mid December, about new year resolutions. It was a paper that came with Bergens Tidende one of the days after Christmas Eve when we were all still full from Christmas dinner;)

I especially love this one. This is me in Thailand before I discovered antihistamin.


Since this is my first blogpost in 2012; Happy New Year:)

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