lørdag 2. juli 2011


I’m drawing flaming rockabilly hearts for a story, fits in nicely with the the whole Heart Shaped Goodies –theme I’m apparently in for the moment. I took it further by making heart shaped crisp bread too haha! With salad flamesSmilefjes som blunker I’ll post the whole process nest week.

Gin Tonic bubbles, didn’t have lime so I used lemon instead. It looked so refreshing with the blue straw! I’m certainly into color for the moment, all my drawings are radiating with bright colors too.

We keep pretending it’s summer, (maybe that’s the reason for all the bright colors in my drawings) that’s how I go the flu too. Staying in my balcony or someone elses balcony just beacuse it’s supposed to be warm outside now doesn’t make it so.Smilefjes som blunker

Now I’m defying both nature and flu and going to my office to scan my work for Trøysteboka.

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