mandag 28. november 2011


This weekend I was at market at Stend.

This is the first year since I started making the dishwasher gloves some years ago that they didn't sell well. I only sold three pairs during this market, haha! But I guess that's what happens when China starts to produce the same thing and becomes the competition;) (And the fact that I had many customers this year that bought from me last year.) Mine cost 200 nok, and you get them waaaaay cheaper (and way simpler) in stores now. No worries though, the overall sale during this market went better than last year:) yay!

My sister and my boyfriend helped me out, it's good to have good company as well.

I love mismatching red and pink.

The calendar from Baluba that I participated in was also sold out. And the Baby bedsheets, and all the fanzines I made. I didn't realize I sold that much, because sis was handling the money and I was talking to so many fun people that I wasn't sure who bought something or not. Some just came to have a chat:)

One customer really melted my heart, she told me sincerely that she enjoyed my drawings immensely and promoted my books to all her friends. I just wanted to give her a hug, but I didn't know if that would be wierd so I gave her a free gift tag instead;)

We were going to Enslaved's birthday party at Garage the same evening, so here is my boyfriend in the midst of all the pink lace not fitting in. (I think I prefer it like this;)

Next market is next weekend in Øyrane in Arna, and I'll be changing the look of the stand then. This time I went for pink and turquoise Ice Cream Parlour, but now I'm changing it to black and red candy store.

Today has been my day off, Monday is the new Sunday. I have been working 6/7 day weeks for some time even if I said I was going all A4, but it's so much fun when things are rolling along fine.

I'll be bicycling in Vietnam for three weeks in spring, I'll have time off then.

onsdag 23. november 2011


I want my marked stand to look a little more proper. The styling, labeling and pricing is always done in the last minute.

So I've decided I want my stand to look like a candy shop.

I put some of the products out on the floor and have tried all day to think new ways of displaying and presenting the goods. (It looks like a map of the world made in pink lace or something)

Labelling in place, now I need some kind of portable shelving that is light and doesn't cost me insane amounts of money or effort. The effort-part is difficult when you have little impulse control. Stop. And. Think. YES I'LL BUILD IT FROM PINK CLOUDS AND FAIRY DUST!:D:D Ok, maybe ponder it a while more. Yes.

mandag 21. november 2011


This weekend there is a Christmas Fair at Stend in Bergen. I'm going there to sell watercolor illustrations and wooly socks. Yep! Here is a small how-to on making "PIMP MY WOOLY SOCK";)

You get them photos printed on t-shirt prints, and get to work.

I used a white cotton fabric. You think they would look good as curtains?

Iron them beauties.

Wheeeee, Liberace on my curtains!

But I'm not making curtains. Snip, snip, and fasten with pins.

We're rigging on Friday, hope to see some fellow Epla-sellers there. The market is open from 11-17 Saturday and Sunday If I remember right.


torsdag 17. november 2011


Last month I lectured at a conference at Fana Kulturhus directed towards teenage girls, to inspire them to make great things of themselves. I was invited to talk about my work and my job as an illustrator, to about 200 listeners in the auditorium;)

I tried to focus on following passions rather than dreams, because dreams are far away, but passions are in your face all the time. And they can surprise you! Passions can manifest in so many different areas, you'll never know what hit you;)

I used many of the questions I'm asked myself on how I got to where I am, to try to puzzle together (the quite skitzo) path of how you learn your trade.

I was a little surpised and extremely honored when I was asked to lecture:) Not every day you get the chance to speak to that many up and coming young women, and maybe be a small part of shaping their choises.

søndag 13. november 2011


Saturday I held two monster drawing classes at Leker & Mer, and had some very talented kids (and grown ups!) in both groups. The same morning I put some pictures up for my tiny exhibition in the same shop.

The picture in the back in the middle of a girl on a pink branch was actually sold before they got up on the wall, that was quite fun:)

Today me and my sister participated at a market at Klosteret at Stranges Stiftelse. The place we were at was one of the coziest marked places ever. I would love to participate there again, so many nice customers and such a good atmosphere.

Now I'm going to finish up some drawings, one slightly overdue but since it's for charity and not paid I've had to prioritize the paid ones first. And then another one is for the winner of a writing competition for a magazine for Fjord 1. Deadline is 10 tomorrow morning, but I'll try to finish them up completely tonight, because I would love to sleep in tomorrow morning after this working weekend and have half a day off before I get back to business:)

Have a good evening:)

fredag 11. november 2011


For the last few days I've had a Tom Waits renaissanse. I keep redescovering him every few years, after my long obsession with his music from when around I was teen-something. "Closing Time" fits my mood so well for the moment, I feel the amazingly great response I've had on Trøysteboka finally is starting to sink in. Like it's a closing time for something, yes you really did accomplish something great! Especially after last Sunday when VG awarded all of us working on the book a six.


Today I went trough all the artwork to pick out a few pieces to be exhibited, and to photograph and let the authors know that I'm putting them out for sale. Here are a few of the mobile pics I took in a hurry to send to the different authors. Since some of the originals look a bit different than in the book in shading and layout I can't use the pdf of the book or scanned images.

Tomorow Saturday I'm giving a new monster drawing course at Leker & Mer in Lille Øvregate at 1pm. And very informally open the tiny exhibition I have there:)

I know a few of you are going, see you there:)

onsdag 9. november 2011


Today there is an article about working standing up at, and they interviewed me about how that works out for me.

The article is Norwegian but I guess you can give it a shot with google translate:)

Now back to work. Standing up.


tirsdag 8. november 2011


I've spent a lovely 24 hours at Falturiltu Children's book festival at Stord and met up with quite a few of the authors from Trøysteboka. I've held three classes in illustration for text and monster drawing courses, and enjoyed it immensely. "No dad! We can't leave yet, I'm painting blood!" Heheheeeee:D

Here is a picture of what I'm doing right now, finishing up illustrations everywhere else than in my office.

Feels familiar. Haven't I done this before? Finishing up work on buses, planes and boats? Oh yes. I have.

Have a brilliant evening, I can't wait to get home:)

søndag 6. november 2011


A six! VG rolled a six!

Whaaaaa! I'm stunned! I'm so happy! I....I....whaaaaaaaa:D


Monday I finished up some sketches for Elixir's new webage and had a workshop with Sortenke.

Tuesday I had a meeting about some illustrations I'm doing for a cancer victims support project. In the evening I met up with the art group Kos & Tegn and brought with me my almost finished piece;)

Wednesday finally all my gear for all the Christmas Fairs was delivered. Pink tissue paper, black paper bags, buisness cards, nametags, ...and so on. In the afternoon I met up with blogger and seamstress Frk. Bustad about an exiting illustrations-on-textiles-project.

Thursday I recieved a rush order for illustrations and had to drop everything. Best task ever by the way!

Friday I had some deadlines to finish and a visit from a lovely customer. In the evening me and some friends had a slightly delayed Halloween party;)

Today I've been finishing up work for both Elixir and the rush order ones, and now I'm going for a dinner at Good Cupcakes Good's author Caroline.

Have a brilliant evening:)

tirsdag 1. november 2011


Apparently being hungover is something people recognize;)

I drew this well bred noblewoman last summer after some research for my Champagne Ladies book that is released next year.

Friday she is going to a new home after entertaining me here in the office, I have to find another one to keep me company;)


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