onsdag 11. januar 2012


In my job January is usually very quiet. But not this year! Yay! Only I was planning to take the first week off in 2012, after all the extra hours and no time off all December. But I’m so lucky that times are good:) The only problem is that I wasn’t quite ready to throw myself at new tasks just yet,  so I keep going to work with my head under my arm. (From too few hours sleep as well, cursed hailstorms hammering at my window at night.)
So this is me today:D I feel like a whale has parked on my head and is stopping me from being effective, hindering me juggling new tasks and completing old ones. But fear not! Coffee is at hand! (And my proper vacation is not far away:)

Now back to working with illustrastions for Nynorsksenteret and Elixir:)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wow... For en vidunderlig strek du har! Jeg er mektig imponert over dine tegneferdigheter!
    Jeg er selv en barnebokforfatter.
    Håper dagen din blir bedre enn illustrasjonen over, og at kaffen gav ny energi! :-)

  2. Takk takk:) Jeg har blitt mer og mer glad i den figuren i hvalkostyme, så nå har jeg lyst å lage flere sånne! Ha en fin fin dag:)


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