torsdag 17. november 2011


Last month I lectured at a conference at Fana Kulturhus directed towards teenage girls, to inspire them to make great things of themselves. I was invited to talk about my work and my job as an illustrator, to about 200 listeners in the auditorium;)

I tried to focus on following passions rather than dreams, because dreams are far away, but passions are in your face all the time. And they can surprise you! Passions can manifest in so many different areas, you'll never know what hit you;)

I used many of the questions I'm asked myself on how I got to where I am, to try to puzzle together (the quite skitzo) path of how you learn your trade.

I was a little surpised and extremely honored when I was asked to lecture:) Not every day you get the chance to speak to that many up and coming young women, and maybe be a small part of shaping their choises.

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