søndag 13. november 2011


Saturday I held two monster drawing classes at Leker & Mer, and had some very talented kids (and grown ups!) in both groups. The same morning I put some pictures up for my tiny exhibition in the same shop.

The picture in the back in the middle of a girl on a pink branch was actually sold before they got up on the wall, that was quite fun:)

Today me and my sister participated at a market at Klosteret at Stranges Stiftelse. The place we were at was one of the coziest marked places ever. I would love to participate there again, so many nice customers and such a good atmosphere.

Now I'm going to finish up some drawings, one slightly overdue but since it's for charity and not paid I've had to prioritize the paid ones first. And then another one is for the winner of a writing competition for a magazine for Fjord 1. Deadline is 10 tomorrow morning, but I'll try to finish them up completely tonight, because I would love to sleep in tomorrow morning after this working weekend and have half a day off before I get back to business:)

Have a good evening:)

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