fredag 11. november 2011


For the last few days I've had a Tom Waits renaissanse. I keep redescovering him every few years, after my long obsession with his music from when around I was teen-something. "Closing Time" fits my mood so well for the moment, I feel the amazingly great response I've had on Trøysteboka finally is starting to sink in. Like it's a closing time for something, yes you really did accomplish something great! Especially after last Sunday when VG awarded all of us working on the book a six.


Today I went trough all the artwork to pick out a few pieces to be exhibited, and to photograph and let the authors know that I'm putting them out for sale. Here are a few of the mobile pics I took in a hurry to send to the different authors. Since some of the originals look a bit different than in the book in shading and layout I can't use the pdf of the book or scanned images.

Tomorow Saturday I'm giving a new monster drawing course at Leker & Mer in Lille Øvregate at 1pm. And very informally open the tiny exhibition I have there:)

I know a few of you are going, see you there:)

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