mandag 28. november 2011


This weekend I was at market at Stend.

This is the first year since I started making the dishwasher gloves some years ago that they didn't sell well. I only sold three pairs during this market, haha! But I guess that's what happens when China starts to produce the same thing and becomes the competition;) (And the fact that I had many customers this year that bought from me last year.) Mine cost 200 nok, and you get them waaaaay cheaper (and way simpler) in stores now. No worries though, the overall sale during this market went better than last year:) yay!

My sister and my boyfriend helped me out, it's good to have good company as well.

I love mismatching red and pink.

The calendar from Baluba that I participated in was also sold out. And the Baby bedsheets, and all the fanzines I made. I didn't realize I sold that much, because sis was handling the money and I was talking to so many fun people that I wasn't sure who bought something or not. Some just came to have a chat:)

One customer really melted my heart, she told me sincerely that she enjoyed my drawings immensely and promoted my books to all her friends. I just wanted to give her a hug, but I didn't know if that would be wierd so I gave her a free gift tag instead;)

We were going to Enslaved's birthday party at Garage the same evening, so here is my boyfriend in the midst of all the pink lace not fitting in. (I think I prefer it like this;)

Next market is next weekend in Øyrane in Arna, and I'll be changing the look of the stand then. This time I went for pink and turquoise Ice Cream Parlour, but now I'm changing it to black and red candy store.

Today has been my day off, Monday is the new Sunday. I have been working 6/7 day weeks for some time even if I said I was going all A4, but it's so much fun when things are rolling along fine.

I'll be bicycling in Vietnam for three weeks in spring, I'll have time off then.

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