torsdag 26. april 2012


I landed in Bergen again Monday evening, was so good to be homeSmilefjes

Tuesday evening I gave a speech at Design Jam at Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum.


It was about the work I’m doing with the book “Trollkrittet” for Festspillene in Bergen, and on nonsense litterature.


For the speech I made a short timelapse of me drawing, to see if I could use this technique on stage for “Trollkrittet”.

Line drawing fun

Wednesday evening I had a workshop with my editor on the “Champagne Ladies” book, to decide which spreads are final, and to come up with ideas for the cover.


Today I continued drawing the champage ladies at my office, and had a nice lunch with the newest member of our workspace; designer Annette Kristiansen. Welcome Annette!

Now I’m off to teach at Fana Kulturhus.

Have a wonderful eveningSmilefjes

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