mandag 16. april 2012


Today I bought frames for my exhibition.

The gallery space is inside Labre Huis, a monastery from the 60's that now is a kind of apartment-studio-space for lots of people of the creative persuation. It'll be up this week, and then we're planning an event on Saturday with a kind of open day:)

Actually we brought all the frames with us on our bikes. Didn't get a chance to photograph it because of all the hassle, that's why I chose this tranquil photo I took of someones else's bike later instead;)

The flyer for the exhibition is made on my iPad using Dropbox with all my scanned drawings in it, MoodBoard for placing images where I want them, and typo in FilterStorm. Pages didn't quite cut it for creative graphic design work, and I haven't tried the new PSTouch yet.

If anyone suddenly finds themselves in Utrecht on Saturday, you are more than welcome to drop by:)

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