tirsdag 10. april 2012


On Monday I'm opening my exhibition in Utrecht. Yay!

I have set the theme "Robots & Candy". Have no idea why:D I knew I wanted to draw huge robots, but the candy part was just suddenly there. So the other ones are also holding or eating or playing with different kinds of candy, ice cream and... bolts;) That would be a robot's candy wouldn't it?

Tomorrow the author of one of the stories for Trøysteboka, Ingelin Røssland, is coming to say hello at my gallery. She is video interviewing me for her blogposts about "The people behind the books". The posts and interviews are a good way to get to know the different processes around being an author, and much of it applies to all kinds of creative people I think.

I hope I won't babble and make a fool of myself;)

1 kommentar:

  1. For en fin robot - og så klart roboter også vil ha søtsaker. De er jo selvstendige individer, hva? Og slikkerier er tegn på livsnytelse. Han på bildet er veldig, veldig søt!

    Og lykke til med utstilling. Og video. Jeg tror det går bra. Litt babbel er bare sjarmerende.


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