tirsdag 30. august 2011


I’m throwing a clown party in the near future to celebrate me turning 30, and today I mass produced clown collars.

Shame this picture was out of focus. But you can still see I’m throughly enjoying this! I’m making several collars because it’s a quick way to make a costume look really thought through, and easy to shove on top of guests that haven’t had time to sew their own huge and amazing outfit. No hearts shall bleed.

I still haven’t decided about my own costume, I had too much fun making these random onesSmilefjes When I left work I met up with the editor for Barn I Byen, and they thought it would be fun if I dressed up as a clown for a Monster Drawing course I’m giving in a few weeks for them. Hmmm. Not sure if the kids will take me seriously. And I would like to dress up as a scary clown, maybe I’ll scare the living daylight out of them. Hmmmm.

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