lørdag 27. august 2011



Those of you follow me on twitter know that the last two weeks have been filled with good concerts and artistic/design events. One event that I really treasured was yesterday’s concert with Susanne Sundfør at Periferi. I’ve never seen her live before, but had quite high expectations because of the intensity on her last album. And wow, she delivered! I wrote on twitter: “Susanne Sundfør has the most passionate show at rainy Periferi. I'm seduced.” And that sums it up quite well.


I’m actually a converted fan of her sound, I didn’t use to like her vocals, but now it seems the massive sound of her band and her songwriting fits better with the strong and quite strange vocal. The people doing scenography and designing her set and stage also gave us an eerie show with light bouncing of the back of a huge stretched canvas across the stage. It was raining like mad too with the odd thunder and lightening, it fitted quite well.

I have used her album “The Brothel” a lot for inspiration at work lately, and I probably won’t stop for a while eighter. I love getting new musical obessions to inspire my drawings. If you want to check out my favorite song from her go and listen to “Lilith” from “The Brothel”.

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