mandag 15. august 2011


Sunday I was at Dr Sketchy Anti Art School at Garage, and here are some of my drawings for their Nightmare Before Christmas tribute.

Dr. Finklestein in his modified weelchair.

Sally in her rag doll bathing suit I sketched up between sessions, don’t know if it counts. I coloured it in more throughly when I got home, so this is not a 5 min or 10 min sketches like the other ones here.

Task was to implement a Christmas item to the pose on stageSmilefjes som blunker Think this was a 10 min pose, not sure.

It’s so difficult to start drawing reality again after I have been working with characters and imaginary things for so long. I had to concentrate to actually keep looking at the models after the first few pencil strokes, so that my mind wouldn’t wander and make up my own things instead.

But I had to give Dr. Finklestein his beak and large head even if the model didn’t have one. A bit of tweaking should be encouragedSmilefjes som blunker

I got so absorbed by the drawings, and since there was alcohol involved I felt so exhausted by the end of the session that my brain was coming out of my ears. Then all I was capable of was messing about with ink pens.


The group who arranges Dr Sketchy here in Bergen had done a good job with both costumes, make up and and the playlistSmilefjes All covers from different songs from “Nightmare Before Christmas.” I wanted Oogie Boogie to be on stage too, but then it wouldn’t be drawing from life then would it. I I desperately need to practise drawing from life again, yes.

Danny Elfman’s finest hour. What a brilliant mind and voice that man has.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastisk. Du er jo lagd for detta Gunvor;) Ser så gøy ut! Tror jeg må komme til Bergen til neste dr.sketchy. Oh boogie man.

  2. Ja! om på visitt! Min søster bor i stuen min for øyeblikket så er lite plass, men vi har en ekstraseng hvis du kan dele stue med henne:D Hvis ikke er det alltids fine gjestehus rundtom i nærheten. Her e facebooksiden til Dr Sketchy Bergen:!/groups/102334676515454/


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