lørdag 6. august 2011


We finished the main piece of giant book project last Thursday and have been celebrating ever since. The graphic designer, Silje Nes, brought champagne to encourage us to finish, and it was popped at 10.45pm Wednesday 27th of July. Altough, after we got sober again the next day we started finding little mistakes here and there hahaSmilefjes 

While I have been absorbed in this project for several months my lovely boyfriend from Katapult Media planned a little roadtrip for us before I finish up the cover for Trøysteboka. A small recap:

Over Hardangervidda we ended up in a ralley called Garbage Run with 260 cars from Holland, good fun and quite a different way to travel in Norway, with people sitting on the roofs of their cars drinking in 80km/h… Hmm.

We went to a birthday party and family gathering in Asker…

Met up with my editor in Oslo and did some more work on Trøysteboka over a milkshake at Ryes

Stayed with painter Grete Berg Stenmark in Sandefjord, whom I met while I lived in Paris. (This is her studio!)

And her garden looks like some fairy tale place in a story book.


She had an art school for kids while we were there, that we also had fun attending



And lots of wine and good company with other artists and musicians that also lived there with us.

Sun and sea in Stavern, I took this picture before this old sailor decided to befriend usSmilefjes som blunker
Cute little houses in Mandal..
Pittoresque lace curtains in Flekkefjord..
It was my friend’s birthday so we took this picture and wished her a happy birthday..


I got my wish granted; to read books while relaxing and watching the ocean. (This is in Sola.)

In Bryne we met up with illustrator Miss Talseth that I got to know at Grilldagene in Oslo in March..
And on our way home we found this sign at a gas station that said “ You are astounding”Smilefjes med åpen munn 

At the same gas station in the middle of nowhere we actually met some friends of mine from Bergen, we were so shocked we couldn’t stop laughing. As random as it gets I think, this place was not exactly on the main road.

Then we visited my parents and sister in Os and now we are home. I’m taking one more day off, only baking cupcakes for a friend’s party and attending it in a leopard dress, and then it’s back to work with the cover for Trøysteboka tomorrow.Smilefjes

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  1. Du, det ser ut som ein tipp-topp ferie! Fiiine bilete. Kva funksjon brukar du til old-looken? Photoshop action eller er det på iphone? Dei var gøy.

  2. Juhu:) Det er forskjellige instillinger på Vignette-appen til android på htc'en min, men den finnes sikkert til iphone og. Bruker mye instillingene "velvia" for knalle farger, og "vignette" som på de eventyrhagebildene over. Men det som er gøy er at du kan bruke den "manuelt" og finjustere alt hvis du vil! da blir gæmlis-effektene litt mer subtile, sweeeet!

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