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Curious is a company from Oslo that lectures in self development for buisness owners (and other topics, read more on their website). I was surprised to find that I actually knew the owner from when I was younger, he is the son of my mum’s best friend. FunSmilefjes

Tuesday earlier this week I went to a course of theirs initiated by BRB, and as always with courses like this I hold back in case it’s another slick guy speaking about “If you re not a millionaire within a year you are not doing it right.” I get so immensely provoked when someone comes with lofty “goals” like that, I want good old facts and short term goals that I can actually USE for something. This day-long course was about building a personal brand, and I loved the way the lecturer had quite a humble approach to each persons goals and desires for their company, and acnowledging that everyone in the room was there with different ideas and reasons for attending. And that every participant was at different stages in the developing their buisness.

I don’t intend to grow much more as an “business owner”, I just want the hours I put into my work to mirror the amount I earn. And it was so good then to be in a course and group of other people with such different businesses that my goal wasn’t too lameSmilefjes 

Here is a list why I think everyone (even if you have a business or not) should attend courses like this:

-It felt more like I was being coached into getting my ideas and goals onto paper and organizing them into short term and long term goals so that I won’t just forget them, all so far away and unreachable. It made me realize myself what I needed to do, I wasnt just told “if you follow this list you’re doing it right. “ For me that meant “Stop fuzzing around with everything you feel like doing and start focusing on only one or two things.”

- To map and be more aware and appreciative of the people that actually are my network around my business, and who I learn and get support from. (Got some suprises there!)

- That sharing what you know with others is the best. I’ve never clung to much to my ideas and usually share my work here so this wasn’t new to me, but I’ve never thought of it as a way to be helped myself. The lecturer was very precise that if you keep your ideas close no one will ear about them, and if it so happens that someone copies your work and ideas, it will never have _your_ personality behind them and that will be very visible for others. But this has never worried me, I love sharing ideas with people, and in that way get new collaborators along the way.

- What I wanted to be the key words connected with my business. I realized after going through what I appreciate with other businesses is high quality work (no quick fixes) and stability/continuety and that the person behind the brand is an inspirational character that can easily be reached and be resource for others. And then try to live up to these things myself. The key words here was very different from each buisness, that was good to see, because then it was visible that we were all thinking for ourselves, not just quoting a lecturer.

-And of course the part that personal branding is everyting you do. Good old good upbringing combined with being aware that everything from the invoices you send to how you respond in email and phone, and how you talk to people is all a part of building an idea of what you are. A snazzy logo and marketing campaign wasn’t even mentioned until later as a secondary thing if you felt you needed it. Product and how you interact was key.

I felt alot more relaxed and structured when I left, and that feeling hasn’t left me yet. Good thing. Things seems so much simpler when I had someone to help me look at my job from the outside.

For me it narrowed down to realizing I need someone outside my job to make decisions with, not just co-workers at the office or family, but someone who works as a mentor or couch that know my work and personality, and where I am as a buisness. And then, daaaaaaah, I realized that that someone has been there all along and you know who you are my “secret helperSmilefjes som blunker 

Looking forward to my first coaching class with you at BRB in a few weeksSmilefjes med åpen munnSmilefjes med åpen munn

(The drawing was made for a lovely client wanting a monster for her newly born nephew. Instead of greeting him welcome to the world, she wanted something to remind him to welcome each day. Thought it fitted quite well with this post!)

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