mandag 3. oktober 2011


I love Mondays. A whole week from from now with time to do my job, yay!

I was at work 8.30 and sendt off goodies from my webshop, held a monster drawing course from 11 until 2, and then went on to work on a lecture I’m giving on Thursday. Now it’s a little past five and I reached my goal to be off at five. Yes! The five o’clock thing is very important to me, when I have a deadline (read: normal working hours just like Dolly Parton says) each workday is much more efficient. This is what you normally do when you are employed but never think of. No more staying late at work unless it’s crucial that I am.

This is a picture of my desk, I hought the little area where I placed my watercolor brushes looked like accidental artwork;)

Have a good evening:)

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