lørdag 22. oktober 2011


I'm trying out different blog apps for my new and shiny toy (an iPad:) but none seem to rival Windows Live Writer. I miss it! My pink Dell laptop died and after some research on what other product could replace it I found an iPad the right choice. I lost Live Writer, but gained many other great features.

Of course I could spend ages trying to figure out the blogger template's css for everything I want to change each time I post anything, but I used to do that before and it takes ages to wrestle every tiny pixel in place.

I can't seem to be ble to find an app that lets me overwrite Blogger template's default image size to my blog's design but I might be getting close. This app I'm using now is the best one so far, Blogger+ for iPad, but it still won't let me cheat the default. Hmmmm. Please let me know if you have any great advice (except changing to Wordpress or other platforms, I haven't got room on this side of Christmas to change platforms completely;)

The picture is from today's market at Lille Øvregate that was rainy and windy, and even if we did sell some stuff we left quite early. There weren't that many people out n' about that we felt it was worth staying catching a cold. I don't blame them, the only wise thing when weather is like this is to stay inside with a good book, film or chat with good company (preferably all of the mentioned) and drink hot chocolate. Yeeees.

Have a lovely evening drinking hot chocolate:)

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