søndag 9. oktober 2011


(Yes the spelling mistake is intentional, but I ended up not using it for the original.)

The quick sketch is of something I sulkily said earlier in the day when deciding what to wear for their concert SaturdaySmilefjes som blunker Luckily a green polkadotted Classic Starlet Dress attacked me in a shop the same day.

Katzenjammer live in Oslo.

My friends and I agreed that even after seeing Katzenjammer a few times now we never seem to stop being amazed by their energy on stage. PUH! I love pompous shows! One of my friends that joined us yesterday is a very talented musician (he lives and breathes music) and we were worried he might accidentally explode from the whole concert experience. 

I’m not a big fan of the venue they played at, I think the place is not really suited as a concert venue, the space is filled with odd angled concrete slabs that are always in way unless you are the 50 or so people right in front of the stage. We were, but I felt sad for the people that wanted to dance around or just experience the concert not pressed against someone smellig of fish. The last place we saw them was at Logen in Bergen, a venue that gave the concert a completely different visual experience and made the whole setting quite magical. But nothing could spoil the experience for me, and it’s true what they said themselves that it’s impossible to leave their concert without a huge grinSmilefjes med åpen munn

My favorite song from the new album is Soviet Trumpeter, looking forward to use this song as inspiration for future illustrations.

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  1. De damene der er råe;) Jeg var så heldig å ha en fantastisk kulturopplevelse i helga jeg og, har du hørt om Cirkus Cirkör? Jeg er sikker på du hadde likt det.. Sjekk bloggen min eller her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nOVc-iCyM8

    God mandag til deg! :D


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