søndag 16. oktober 2011



PUH! Today there was a market at Trikkehallen in Bergen, I didn’t know about it until this week but I got a tip from a friend that it might be worth a try. I wasnt’t quite prepared (or finished) with all my products for the different christmas fairs coming up, but I brought prints, the new bedsheets, “Pimp My Reflector Badge” and knitted Marilyn Monroe socks. (That I was still stitching up while standing there.)

I met up with some old customers and some new (Hello to you!Smilefjes) and had quite a nice and freezing time at the “indoors” market in the huge hall, but enjoyed it immensely. I hope they will be arranging it again, the hall was a great venue for holding fairs. The freezing part was my own fault, I thought we would be more indoors than we were. My sis was my assistant merchant today, it’s much more fun being two as well, so we could have good laugh while being at work.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and smiles, my good customers today! I didn’t have time to talk to everyone as much as I wanted, but that’s markets for youSmilefjes See you next week at the market in Lille Øvregate!

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