fredag 3. februar 2012


I'm in an epiphany about all the pittoresque sights and colourful things to photograph here in Vietnam! Good thing I'm editing along the way. That way it's easier to see what I actually have been taking pictures of as well, and don't end up with lots of the same kind of photos. And I wont spend hours, and days, back home going through tons of material.

I'm using my Nikon D40 with a Nikkor 1.8 50mm prime lens and use the SD card connector for my iPad. You can import and work with RAW or JPG, and I read somewhere that it's best to have the 64G version of iPad2 to be able to have a good workflow, but you have to check if this is the case with more techno-focused bloggers;)

The apps I'm using are a combination of diffrerent photo editing apps. Filterstorm for general photoshopping like curves, white balance and such. This app has so many oppertunities if you use a few hours to get to know the app. If you normally like working in PS with your photos, this gives you much more control and creativity than the PS app.

For something like PS actions I use two filter apps as replacement. Pixlromatic gives you some alright filters for quick editing, but the best one I've tried so far is PhotoStudioHD. This allows you to fine tune your filters so that you don't get the full whack of the filter, and can play around with more subtle tweaks. Love it!

If you want to work with text or do a wee bit of graphic design/typo-work, you can use Filterstorm and lots of other apps. (...that I haven't spent enough time with to give a proper recommentation for.) I have spent some time working with MoodBoard and find that this app suits my travellers needs best, together with Filterstorm.

For backup we are keeping the pictures and films on the SD cards, import the ones we find most interesting to my iPad where they are automatically stored in iCloud. (When I'm connected to a wifi and it's charging.) The ones I really don't want to lose I upload to Dropbox.

We are filming with a Nikon 5100 as well, but since there are no apps (that I have found so far) that allows you to import and edit in HD this will have to wait until we get home.

We are allowing the photographic and filmatic work we do on this trip to shape the end product, but we still have a ruff plan what we are going to do with the material we are collecting. So stay tuned;)

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