onsdag 29. februar 2012



In August I have a deadline for illustrations for a book about how the mountains in Romsdalen came to be.

As a dead giveaway I’ll say that it has something to do with trolls and the sun coming up;)

I made these sketches for the publisher so that they have pictures to promote the project with along with their text. (I don’t have time to start working properly with it until June.) I loved the story and the project idea they sent me, so I had lots of material to work with for the sketches.
It’s nice to have gotten to know the text this early.
skisse_foberedelser fest

I’m going to Romsdalen in July to promote the book and give some Monster Drawing Courses, I’ll post those dates when I have them.

To round of this Romsdalen-post, what is more appropriate than PolkaBjørn and Kleine Heine with “Romsdalen, Norges Tyrol.”

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