onsdag 15. februar 2012


I'm still on the road, our vacation has taken us through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, and we have enjoyed this marathon immensely.

This photo might look photoshopped, but it's the mirror of the outdoor sink of a rather social toilet on an island outside Hoi An.

This photo is not photoshopped eighter;) I AM actually sitting by a pool in Siem Reap working with a drawing for a publication, nipping to a cold drink. Whaaaaa:D

I feel so lucky that I am able to work from other places in the world as well as from my office. Travelling gives me so much inspiration! Even if it sometimes is a hassle not having all my normal office equpement, it somehow works out.

This trip has been a blast. Now we are enjoying a few more days in Bangkok before heading home.

It's going to be good to come home too;)

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