mandag 6. februar 2012


We are already on our way to Saigon, but I wanted to post some pictures from Ha Long Bay in the north of Vietnam where we were about a week ago. The whole bay is on UNESCO's world heritage list, thousands of limestone strucktures, islands and caves. We stayed one night in a cute cabin at one of the djunks scattering the bay.

We visited one of the myriad of caves, and after the mystic lighting inside it was great to come out and have this beautiful view of the bay. Don't be fooled by the tropical look, it was really cold the first few days. Full jacket and scarf and all. (Until we left, when the tempreature rose significantly. Of course;)

I had to wear almost everything I brought, so my fashion sense and the colour mix of my cardigans I must say was interesting;)

I really recommend this trip to anyone visiting Hanoi, only go when it's slightly warmer so thay you can enjoy staying on deck. We had a driver take us to Ha Long Bay and back, and the drive itself was quite interesting if you like strange and random architecture.

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