tirsdag 7. februar 2012


Right now I'm sitting on a rooftop terrasse in Saigon corresponding to Norway about illustrations for new bookprojects and other tasks. I have the place all to myself, quite special in a busy city like this. We are surrounded by people at all times, so this is precious!

It's quite an experience that I can sit here and work undisturbed with the glittering rivers of motorbikes 11 floors below and a red asian full moon above.

The hotel is not even high class, just had this amazing oasis. Who needs Rex or Continental?:D

I think I'm having an Asia-moment;)

A publishing house asked me to look at a project to see if it's something I would like to work on, and I got asked to make illustrations for a text from a regular client, those are due in two days. (The text was very good by the way.) So that is my task for tonight.

I just discovered my cellphone is glued to the table with sticky rice, and I can see down into a park where there are about thirty or fourty zumbadancing Vietnamese working out in perfect lines. I'm not distracted at ALL, good workflow, yes yes;)

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