mandag 26. september 2011


Yes!! I ordered fabrics with my illustrations from Spoonflower, and it arrived today!

I never thought it would arrive in time for me to make something from it before the launch of Trøysteboka on Wednesday, but it did!

It felt like ChristmasSmilefjes med åpen munn The plan is to make baby duvet’s and pillowcases from it.

Now my neighbour is testing a sample being washed millions of times, she has two kids and run a washing machine at a higher frequency than meSmilefjes som blunker

Can’t wait to start working with it!

I love Spoonflower, they had really good customer support as well, they wouldn’t let me buy the huge amount I did before they had sent me a sample that I could approve hahaSmilefjes Felt like I was being lightly told off by a mum or something. “Now look here, what if you arent happy with it? Then you would have spent all that money for nothing.” They didn’t say that of course, but it was good they told me to get a sample first, because what if it went somewhat wrong and it was my fault. I felt my fabric ideas were in good hands, and I appreciated their quick response and care for their own productsSmilefjes som blunker

2 kommentarer:

  1. Å, så drittlekkert det ser ut då! Du må fortelje meir om kva du synast om Spoonflower. Og finne ut om du tek spesialoppdrag på mønsterønskjer...

  2. Kjempelekkert mønster!
    Har også lyst til å bestille der ifrå, må berre få tid til å lage det eg vil ha på stoffet:)

    Halloys, skal du vere med på Falturiltu?


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