tirsdag 20. september 2011


And now it’s dead. Today I made wooly socks inspired by Liberace, and documented the whole ordeal, and then my phone (with which I took the pictures) went forth and died. Then the nice man at the mobile repair shop said I just lost everything on my phone. Daaaaah. But since I sort of saw this coming, I had removed most of the stuff from it. So, instead of enjoying a how-to-make-wooly-socks-inspired-by-Liberace (hey, who would’t!) I’m posting some goodies me and my sister made this Sunday.

For my birthday my mother in law got me a cupcake recipe book from Hancock Cupcakes.

I would really recommend that one to all who meddle with cupcake alchemy. It’s beautifully designed as well.

We made lactose free cocoa and berries cupcakes just to see if the recipe was any good, and it was! Not rubber-like like most other lactose free recipes. And then, since we are not lactose intolerant and  just wanted to test the recipe in case we have to serve it at some point, we sprayed hem with butter and philadelphia icing. Tadaa! ^_^

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