fredag 9. september 2011


Monday I got a present from my mother in law, a cupcake stand and a new beautiful recipe book from Hancock Cupcakes which by the way is brilliant! And I made, in between more pressing matters, a yellow tutu and my clown costume that I’m wearing this weekend at my clown birthday party.

Tuesday we laughed so much we almost choked from seeing a double rainbowSmilefjes med åpen munn (The reason you can watch here)

Then we went to hear a talk at First Tuesday and a see Crea Con win a prize. I got quite puzzled, no actually put off, by how the speaker angled his talk about social media that was supposed to be inspirational. So my “notes” reflected what I thought of it. But it was GREAT inspiration for new monsters!! I should be “bored” more often.

Wednesday I drew monsters for The Weekly Monster from the sketches I did the night before. Without finishing them up. Because I had to finish up another tutu that someone has ordered and had to prepare for a course I’m giving this weekend. And later had to get help from another seamstress to finish up the bodice for my clown dress when I realized I would never finish in time.


Thursday morning me and webdesigner Sort Enke went to visit the printing company Molvik with some plans of ours, and saw another double rainbowSmilefjes med åpen munn

We got a tour around the presses and we kept asking and asking about everything so we used a whole morning there.

Back at Sort Enke’s office I found the lovliest tape dispenserSmilefjes

This week was insanely busy in terms of back and forth and meetings and correspandance with different clients and projects, and planning the lauch of Trøysteboka. But it’s fun busy, not stressful. Because I finished what I had set out to do this week and I know I’ll have less appointments next week and can concentrate more on just drawing.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll give a free Monster Drawing course at Bryggen, it’s a festival initiated by the founders of the magazine Barn i Byen because they celebrate 10 years of published magazines this month. You can see the program here. Grab hold of a child and come and draw monsters with meSmilefjes

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