søndag 25. september 2011



I bought this font today, from now I’ll probably use it for EVERYTHING, I like it so muchSmilefjes

I needed a grotesque with a hand drawn feel to it, and after the workshop we had where we chose this font to work with my illustrations on another project, I’m quite happy too use it on my page as well.


It’s been quite the working weekend for me, I woke up with badass sinusitis and slept most of Friday after the workshop on Thursday and #geekbeer afterwards. Slept and woke up to email back and forth with the printing house and slept again and lost loads of time that I was supposed to spend on an illustration for University of Bergen so that it could be delivered before the wekend. I have until Tuesday, but I wanted to finish it and have a proper relaxed weekend filled with beers.

But instead I called everything off and ended up working with TeamViewer from home on my computer at work, and then accidentally someone shut it off thinking I had just forgot, so the last pdf wasn’t yet in my Dropbox for the printing house to pick up before they left work on Friday. Then I just went to bed again and slept foreverSmilefjes med åpen munn 

I still don’t know if they have recieved the files, guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning. Actually I’m quite surprised that I’m not more stressed out, but I guess since I actually “had time” to get ill without anything going to pieces (just my social life this weekend) I guess it’s not so bad. My plan to have weekends off is apparently working. In a strange way. They become a buffer zone in case shit blows upSmilefjes som blunker 

Then today I felt better and started working simultaniously with finishing up the illustration as well as redoing my neglected webpage.

Sometimes I wish I was allowed to be ill and someone else could take over, but I guess it’s like that whatever job you have.


But I loved the fact that I finally, FINALLY, managed to make a webdesign that I don’t loathe and that can be a starting point for the new webpage that I’m doing with a proper programmer. What I’m doing now is like building a castle with pebbles, since I don’t want a program to generate code for me. I have no chance to fix up bugs if I don’t build he thing from scratch. But I’m happy, feels like a major accomplishment that I got this far this weekend.

Is there any chance you can get high from nasal spray? I think I am.

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