søndag 4. september 2011


I’m making a book together with my boyfriend and it’s called “Alternative Cursing for Parents”. This was concieved partly because there is so much inventivness within expressing yourself without making other peoples ears bleed, and partly bacuse me and my boyfriend was on a loooong drive this summer without a cd-player in our car and we had tons of time to just be silly and discuss fun ideas for future projects.

Last friday I attended Grafill’s “Fanzine Night” at Knøderen and made a fanzine with 12 illustrations for this project.

I sold all my copies and saw people laughing out loud while reading, which is the best feedbeck I can getSmilefjes som blunker I have already collected several new inventive “swearwords”, and would like to have more, so feel free to join in the swearing here or on my facebook pageSmilefjes

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  1. Moro, den skulle jeg gjerne ha i mitt eie. Eldstemann her prøver å lære faren alternativ banning: Fy Fabian i helsesøsterrommet. Vet ikke helt hvem som er opphavet, det er vel en sånn greie som unger sier, sikkert.


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