mandag 19. september 2011


This Saturday some friends and me went to Hanne Vatnøy’s releaseconcert at Logen in Bergen. Astrid Aalgaard here at the office has made the concert’s backdrop and visuals, it was a truly beautiful experience!

The stageshow was very different from “normal” concerts, felt more like a staged show at the theatre, with them rethinking the use of the stage and audience. They were all dressed like white clowns of some sort and, had an actor placed in a pink rococo chair on a pedestal in the audience blowing huge soap bubbles, BRILLIANT!!

I was surprised by the whole sound of the group even if I had heard her before at different gatherings and shows, this was quite a different concert experience. Recommend to see them live if you get a chance to it.

A friend of mine commented she thought it was so pure! I thought the group had quite a mature sound but still managed the audience to feel like 16 year olds in love.

This is a quote from one of the songs, thought it was so cute:)

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