mandag 5. september 2011


I ordered tuille and cotton fabrics for this season’s Christmas fairs, and have started making goodies to sell. It felt like Christmas when I got the huge package with all the fabrics in the mail.

In addition to sewing for markets I’m making costumes for a clown party, and here is my mum helping me out sewing a beautiful collar.

I have to go in early at the office to do the sewing before the others get there so not to annoy them with the sounds from my sewing machine. We have enough with the workers downstains making minor earthquakes from time to timeSmilefjes

Now I’m going to do a wee bit of bad-language embroidery for pillows soon for sale in a café in Lille Øvregate here in Bergen. And having some tea and good music, happy to be inside when it’s pouring with rain. Yessss!

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