søndag 18. mars 2012


I love sushi. I love the look of sushi. It’s so easy to make it look delicious!


I have no idea what I’m doing though, I don’t really know anything about sushi. So when I shop for ingredients, I noticed that I went for what colour or graphic value it had.

After the colorful sushidinner yesterday I decided that me and my friends should have an excursion to go and see the aardvarks glowing in the dark. (For those of you who lost track now; There is an exhibition in Bokboden in Marken close to my house, where an artist has exhibited silicone aardsvarks lighted so that they look like they glow in the dark.)

The exhibition is best seen at night with people appreciating the joys of aardvark fascinationSmilefjes med åpen munn


This morning some of us went back to have a pique-nique with leftover sushi, and to show the aardvarks to my friend’s son too.


I couldn’t find info about the artist online since I don’t know her name and have used a good 20 minutes today searching for “jordsvin utstilling marken”.

(Quick study of aardvark in sushi hat drinking tea.)

Photo 17 39 13 18.03.12

The funny thing is though, yesterday morning I met the artist by chance when she was buying artwork from me in my gallery at Bryggen. She told me just before she left that she also had an exhibition now, and it was the aardvarks! I forgot in my epiphany to ask for her name or webpage, only that I thought the exhibition looked greatSmilefjes med åpen munn So if anyone know her please give me shoutSmilefjes som blunker

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  1. http://www.khib.no/norsk/kalender/2012/03/galleri-bokboden-animalitos/


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