torsdag 15. mars 2012


Sometimes people ask what a day at work for me is like. So I have made a few "What I did today posts".

Today I went to my desk at Designbryggeriet, came there half past nine because I had to buy paper before I got there. Then made a really quick webpage for our creative workspace:

I "finished" about eleven. (At least something was published.) At the same time I printed and folded pages for my fanzine "Swearing for Parents", and prepared for the course I was giving later today.

Then I left for my gallery with some pictures and other things, and spent some time there reorganizing, and continued some sketches I needed to send to different clients.

After that I left to deliver some fanzines to different shops, and by chance met the owner of the café Sakristiet downstairs. He suggested they might be interested in me decorating the walls at their café! Yay!

After delivering the fanzines I went home to finish the sketches and relax a bit before going teaching. And of course I wanted to redesign the whole webpage I did earlier, so I did a bit of that too.

The sketches I'm working on are so much fun! Here is a quick drawing of a resistant bacteria I'm drawing for Temaforlaget.

Then I had dinner and went to teach my amazingly talented students at Fana Kulturhus how to be creative. This is made in fimo by a girl in the group:)

Then home to watch Game of Thrones for the third time round;)

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