lørdag 3. mars 2012


I opened my gallery today:D

Last week I was still dreaming about a showroom of my own. And then I applied for this room when I found it earlier this week, got the keys, moved in and opened up. I was sitting there today looking at the room going; "What happened?"

Maybe getting the keys and opening the same week would seem insane, but I figured I just have to start using the room to see what I'll do with it.

I chucked lots of boxes in yesterday and then had to leave. I did have a slight notion that maybe I wouldn't be able to put all my ideas into realization within the next 24 hours.

This is about what it looked like when I arrived about 10 today. I had told people that I would open at 11. I was at one point quite uncertain if that would happen.

I worked so quickly and all desicions about the interior were made on the spot, and pictures and shelves went up on the wall without thinking twice. Finished about half past eleven.

It felt good to see my work up on the wall. I'll probably change it around continously, so it was great to just start. The small gallery bar was of course very important to place too;)

I have a small desk behind my home made screen, it was quite cozy to sit there writing lists over what I need for the gallery and plan the continuing work with the interior.

I had several visitors today, quite a few tourists, but also people from the café downstairs that spotted my sign outside. And for those of you that were there today, thank you so much for visiting and for good ideas for further developement of the room! After today some of the new ideas are to make a secret reading room in Willy Wonka style, arrange Monster Drawing Classes there, and also dress the celing in grass and have a up-side-down-world;)

For a start I'm getting the plastic grass mat for the floor, and then going on to the secret reading room when I'm finished painting the main room.

This is so much fun:D

4 kommentarer:

  1. Gratulerer! Det ser kjempeflott ut! :) Lykke til! :)

  2. Nå kom jeg på at jeg skulle inn på Epla og kjøpe den Banning-boka di (som jeg har hatt i favorittlista i en liten evighet), men så ser jeg at den er utsolgt! Kommer den tilbake, tror du? :)

  3. Så stas! Gratulerer - ser skikkelig tøft ut. Gleder meg å kikke innom en dag Ü

  4. Dere er hjertelig velkommen:) Onsdag 11 til 16, Fredag 11-16 og Lørdag 11-16. Kom kom:)

    Bannebøkene har jeg sannsynligvis klare til helgen igjen, kanskje til og med noen er ferdig til jeg skal være på galleriet mitt på onsdag:)


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