fredag 9. mars 2012


Today I went to a meeting with Festspillene. I brought Leif the Parrot with me to explain my idea for the visual part of the stage performance me and Adele Duus are making for them. Since the story we are telling (Trollkrittet) is set in a drawn 2D world, we decided to have all the props and set design in 2D. For now. We've only had two meetings so far about the production;)

When I came back to my gallery (that my brother in law minded for me while I was in the meeting; thank you so much again Roberto:) I started painting the celing. I intensely dislike pine wood paneling. It should be banned from sight for people of the aesthetical persuation. My mum and I worked all afternoon, but it will take days before we are finished. I'll still open the gallery tomorrow at 11;)

We actually had some really nice tourists visiting that offered to help me paint, but I got so startled that I said no thank you:D I regret that now, so if you read this, I'll give you one of the small prints each if you want to chip in an hour's work in the week some time;) If you are still here that is!

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