mandag 26. mars 2012


Last Friday I was asked by Festspillene if I had any good ideas about drawings to use on an umbrella. So we had some intense and creative few hours of correspondance back and forth. They settled on a drawing I did a few years ago for Samlaget, and wanted me to design a new logo to go with it.

I drew the text out in ink, and then scanned and applied color in photoshop. The blue pattern is from one of the champagne ladie's blue dress. And since someone asked earlier; the watercolor layer is then multiplied in PS on top of the black ink:)

I normally draw everything out by hand and then colour it in by hand, except from text. I like the crispness of the black lines in hand inked text, and if I use use watercolour on it straight after, it all smudges. And since we were short of time I didn't have time to let the ink dry for days.

(I did the whole visual look for my BA at KHIB based on watercolor layering to achieve a hand made feel to my animation.)

Today we kept on working with the design for the umbrellas, and about midday the designer (Eirik Johanessen from Kassett), the representative from Festspillene, and me could send the design underneath off to be printed and turned into unbreallas.

I'm very excited about the work I'm doing for Festspillene for the moment, both this and what I am designing for stage:) Time will pass way too quickly, better get started with the set building part! Until now it's all been sketches, small scale testing, and working out the script, and we could probably continue that for ages it so much fun. But May and being on stage will soon be upon us:)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Takk for at du forklarte litt! Studerer grafisk design og illustrasjon selv så morro å se hva andre gjør:) Fin paraply!

  2. Ikke noe som er bedre reklame enn tegninger på en paraply i Bergen? (Hadde vært like bra i Trondheim altså. Ganske sikker på at Trondheim har like mange regndager som Bergen.) Kjempestas med slike prosjekter da! :)


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