tirsdag 15. februar 2011


I’ve earlier had a few emails asking whether I ever contemplated blogging in English. And today I had a comment here on the blog from someone who don’t speak Norwegian, so I guess that was a sign of some sort. I’m back to writing in English. I earlier wrote my blogposts in English, but figured it was easier to write in Norwegian which is my native language. I used to live in England, but that’s quite a few years ago now, and don’t think my English spelling and sentence-structure was very good even then. So bear with me:)

Sunday was mothers-day here, and since I’m such a dutiful daughter…I finished her present today two days later. 


It’s a computer sleeve like the one I made for myself last week. Only the embrodery was bigger than the sleeve. (She has a 10inch dell mini.) So I used a t-shirt transfer with my own illustration instead.

Then I moved on to working with an order for an apron.

1297765624892 1297764955258

I have to finish sewing the apron and doing the embroidery by Thursday. I’m so good at saying “But yes of course, no problem, I’ll deliver.” And then reality is that it REALLY didn’t fit into my plans this week. But the customer surprised me by suddenly knocking the door here at the office. Usually all customers here have an appointment, but it was a nice visit and she was so lovely I couldn’t help but say yes:) She had seen me in the newspaparer with one of my embroidered aprons, and wondered if I could make one for a friend of hers. I’ll make it fit in:)

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  1. Kære Gunvor!
    jeg har fundet din blog via forsiden på Epla.
    Jeg har et stykke tid haft et øje til dine super lækre illustrationer, så nu var det sjovt at læse lidt mere om personen bag.



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