mandag 28. februar 2011



I’m working on three books with different authors simultaniously, and this little guy is from a story about music. Again, I don’t know how much the authors like that I’m posting about their ideas, so I’m trying to reveal a little as possible.

Memoryhouse’s “Lately” has been great help in forming the  characters and landscapes, because their sound goes very well with the authors “voice” in the text. I’m trying to focus on only drawing and working with the different sketches for books these days. It’s really difficult trying to focus on only one thing! I really NEED sewing in my lifeSmilefjes som blunker But some pink lace will appear at the end of this week, we are doing a pregnancy photoshoot of my two friends dressed as… well depends on how much of the costumes I manage to finish off on Thursday.

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