søndag 27. februar 2011



More quotes for The Book of Champagne!

“I get a panic attack when I have to be in the presense of a squid.”
“Shhh, don’t laugh so loud, this is a serious party!” (with following burst of laughter)
”Who wants to be 19 again?? Poor, bad skin and no self confidence??!”
“That cupcake is eying me.”
”I’m going to go home now and go into hibernation. Can’t deal with this slushy weather-shit. I’ll be back in july when you are serving drinks on your veranda.”
”Oh no! I just realized that I dance like my MUM!”
”That chocolate cake looks like a rave-lightbulb from the 90’s.”
”Your hair is so high it looks like it’s orbiting you!”

I can’t wait to draw those haha!

(Btw, the birthday girl LOVED the bird headpiece-crown:)

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