søndag 20. februar 2011


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These are pictures from cleaing up today, after our “Pink champagne for Everyone”-event. It’s research material for “The Book of Champagne”.

Next year I’m publishing a book with collected illustrations inspired by champagne quotes. Yesterday we celebrated this by doing research, I needed more quotes.The concept is pretty much that I buy a lot of champagne and invite my lovely friends to come and drink it and have fun conversations. We write down strange things come up, and here are some quotes from yesterday:

“Fuck bicycle lanes, I want Segway lanes!”
”I bought champagne after the color on the label. The purple one is really good.”
”Come, I have to show you something fun in the freezer!”
”I lost ten years of my life in the bog at Roll n Rock in Skostredet.”
”You ran away from from the emergency room??” “Yes, I’m getting to it…”
”Hey, where are you going with that flamingo?”
”Kids? What do I want with kids? Do they do any tricks?”
”I’m sorry, are you a hidden treasure?”

…..and a few more. I’m looking forward to more research;)

How many flamingoes can you spot in this picture?;)

I don’t have the heart to pop the balloons just yet:)  It will soon be nice and clean, I just need to play a little bit more of “Little Big Planet” first.

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