tirsdag 22. mars 2011



Tomorrow I’m visiting the childrens’s surgery department at the hospital here. I’ve asked the local hospital if they were interested in some of the pictures I made for “Eventyrboka” a few years ago, and they said they are just finishing two new rooms at the childrens department and would love to hang the illustrations there.

The pictures here are leftovers from the two exhibitions I had with the books I’ve made, and now they are just collecting dust in my office. Some of the pictures ony work when they hang together, and I don’t want to exhibit these a second time. And I never quite found a setting in wich to use or sell them, I usually make new imagery for each shop adapted to the kind of clients they have, and when I plan exhibitions I want to bring out new drawings.

I’ve thought about it for a long time that I wanted to do something for the childrens hospital. Or hospitals in general. I think maybe it’s because my dad has been a frequent visitor at the different departments replacing hips and kidneys and all sorts the last few years. I’ve seen so many horriby boring corridoors and waiting rooms, and it strikes me every time; A hospital still is a place were you are sick, not a place were you become well. The nurses and all the people working there are doing such a great job, that I really feel like showing my gratitude. 

Now I’m packing up, I’m so excited to see the people and the rooms at the hospital tomorrow.


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