mandag 7. mars 2011


While at the seminar this weekend I did have some time off on Sunday. Me and Knut, a 3D designer from Maritime Colors, went to The Natural History Museum to see Dr Proctor’s exhibition of D.D.S.Ø.I.F, that I will write more about later. The museum had a beautiful permanent exhibition that is really worth seeing. The pictures underneath I took as research for one of my bookprojects where I’m creating a fantasy-jungle for the characters to live in.

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1299408799359  1299409815733 
Looks like Rembrant made this intallation/exhibit about the arctic bird Lundefugl. It looks like a painting, but it’s only the sky in the background that is. The rest are props and stuffed dead arctic things.

People had stuck their visitors badge on one of the boards in the University Museum area, I love this kind of collaborative work! You are spontaniously part of some graphic piece.

The same day I met up with illustrator and blogger Miss Talseth who has the most amazing Bambi and bird-illustrations over at her blog. Check out her work, the Bambi will melt your heart. The pink and mint toilets are at “Ryes”, my favorite cafe in Oslo, definitely worth a visit if you want to sit underneath a palm tree with your milkshake in early March.

1299420266393  1299421728417

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